Bringing Harmony in Relationships

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  • Loneliness & isolation cause health issues
  • We attract unpleasant experiences
  • Our subconscious creates our reality
  • Become capable of removing bad memories
  • Help heal your partner

Love is among the most important needs of human beings. To love and to be loved is even more important than, money, success, recognition and achievements. Our soul has been created with just one ingredient and that is Love. And we experience love through relationships. Whether that’s by reading relationship quotes to your partner or going on romantic dates, everyone enjoys being in love. Being in a safe, loving and harmonious relationship is as important as having a balanced and healthy diet every day. Being alone or isolated can cause health risks equally harmful as cigarette smoking, blood pressure and obesity. Whereas, when people are in loving and harmonious relationships, they tend to feel happier and are able to manage anxiety, stress and other emotional issues more effectively.

Humans instinctively understand the importance of companionship and love. Even those who claim to be single by choice, deep inside feel the desire to have a perfect companionship. Most people decide to stay single as a result of having gone through rejection, betrayal, physical or emotional abuse or both, disappointment, humiliation, disrespect or abandonment. In most cases, people give up on relationships when they are not able to find the right person for a long time, with whom they can feel connected and comfortable. On the other hand, a large number of people in toxic relationships, keep on suffering but prefer to stay in an abusive or unhealthy relationship because of their fear to be alone. They develop a belief that if they would leave their partner, they won’t be able to find another person ever again.

The root cause of being alone or in a toxic relationship is not the other people or your circumstances; it is solely you attracting unpleasant and painful people in your life. It is some kind of fixed pattern, deeply embedded in your subconscious that keeps on playing the same destructive scenario, again and again in your life. From the time of birth to early teens, our subconscious is being programmed for everything that we later experience in life including career, success, health and even relationship status and quality. Consciously you may not be aware, but your subconscious is creating your reality day and night. Your subconscious receives all of its programming from your cells. Usually, it is some trauma stored in the cells’ memories from an early age that was never addressed properly. It is usually just one painful incident or a series of incidents from the past. Sometimes people are aware of the painful memories but don’t know how to release them from their cells’ memories. In many cases, people don’t remember that specific event because the conscious mind puts a veil of forgetfulness over the painful memory to protect us from suffering.

In Violet Circle’s Self-Empowerment Healing Session for Relationships, people are guided into a relaxed state through meditation and hypnosis techniques. They are further guided to connect with the higher intelligence of their cells, their soul and their higher self. Step by step, they are guided into the memories of their cells where they find the particular incident and situation that created the block. They are guided to deal with the issue and finally release it from their cells permanently.

People who go through this healing process experience change in their overall personality within a week or ten days. After going through relationship healing sessions, those who were in some kind of toxic or damaging relationship, felt confident, free, empowered and more at peace. They became able to deal with unpleasant situations with more wisdom, calmness and maturity and even help their partners in the process of their healing. Single and isolated people, after the healing session, removed the relationship blocks, fears and pain, felt happier and energized. They realized that the Universe is giving them opportunities all the time and they can enjoy companionship without any fear or pain. They became capable of considering the options of companionship with a more open heart and mind.

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