Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome

A success story

Our cells have a brain of their own and are highly intelligent. They keep a record of all of our emotional experiences and ugly memories.  If we are not able to release them from the memories of our cells, they eventually resurface in some form of disease. Sara, in her late 20s, a mother of two beautiful kids, a wife and a professional, had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome for many years. Almost 8 years ago, she went through a surgery to remove a big tumor from her uterus and since then she never got rid of medicines to ease the conditions of PCOS.  In the Self-Empowerment Healing workshop, she got connected with the higher intelligence of her cells and asked them to take her to the place where the issue of PCOS was originally generated. A memory came up when she was 14 and her father passed away. It was a sudden death and everyone in the family was busy dealing with their own grief. No one paid any attention to Sara. She went into a state of shock and denial. Over the years she had completely forgotten about the trauma she was holding in her cells. She had developed certain fears and insecurities in her subconscious about the loss of loved ones, which she was not aware of. She also discovered a deeply embedded anger, hurt and pain towards her father for leaving her and her family. She also felt a deeper sense of abandonment that she never realized on conscious level.

In the process she got connected with her own soul and from the level of soul she connected her father’s soul to resolve the inner conflict and unaddressed trauma. Eventually she was able to resolve the issue by releasing it from her cells and also released all the painful events she had been manifesting since the death of her father. After a month of the healing process she noticed a visible change in her overall behavior; she gained stability in her emotional state, her acne started to disappear, she was reducing weight effortlessly and body pains were gone. We are waiting for Sara’s medical reports to witness the complete healing of her PCOS.

Note: All the names of clients in the personal account shared above, have been changed. The privacy of our clients and workshop participants is our top priority. We publish stories of healing and transformation only with the permission of the person.

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