• Exercise

    Weight loss and Rejuvenation Session

    There are a number of reasons why we put on unnecessary weight, such as over-eating, stress, anxiety, or perhaps, a physical disease, like an under-active thyroid, hormonal imbalance, digestion issues, diabetes, arthritis, poly-cystic ovary syndrome in women, fluid retention, or aging. Whatever the reason may be, excess fat normally originates in a particular area of the body. Medical help may…

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  • emotional freedom technique

    What is Energy Healing?

    Everyone has 4 bodies of energy. Spiritual (Etheric), Emotional, Mental & Physical. While they are independent of each other, if one of them is out of balance, you will feel lack and discomfort in your life (usually with health, relationships or money). Just as you heal your physical body through exercise and diet, there are also methods of healing your…

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